READ! Hay Strand Length Shorter (will be getting longer) but Same Great Hay!


We at American Pet would like to announce a change in our manufacturing process due to the high demand of our high quality hay.  We told you a bit about it a few months ago but we are currently working on making adjustments.  Please be aware that we have added some new processing and packaging machinery to give a more compact bag of hay to our customers and with this new packaging you will get the same great taste and nutritional value as our old packaging, however, the product will come in shorter strands of the same great hay. 

Please be patient with us as adjustments to this new machinery are made as the first run through the machine the hay came through shorter than expected and the adjustment process to get the desired length will take a few weeks.  

Published by Heidi Casdorph on Monday, June 30, 2014 in Latest News