Tip of the Week: FEED MORE American Pet HAY!


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Hay is the most important part of the diet for all small pets.  Rabbits, Chins and Piggys need 70% to 80% of their diet from hay.   Often it's importance is overlooked; it needs to be available to your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla free choice. This means they have good quality hay in front of them all the time to eat as they please.  These pets are herbiviors; they only eat plant materials.  They should only eat grasses and plant grown materials like pellets, nutritous treats, and vegetables to keep them healthy.  If you were to find them in the wild they would be foraging from nature all day.  They also have evergrowing teeth and need constant wear on those teeth that comes best from the long fiber of hays and grasses.  

If we fill their diets with just pellets and treats they often consume more calories than needed while trying (less successfully) to wear down their teeth on foods that have been processed to smaller strands of roughage (fiber) and non-fiberous foods. Though a healthy pellet like American Pet Timmy and Alffy pellets are neccessary for a complete diet, hay is extremely important in the big picture of health for your favorite small pet.

At American Pet we offer 2 varieties of timothy hay; our most popular and perfect food for small pets. Timothy Gold Hay, in the blue bag,  is as close to nature as you can get, and our lower calorie/higher fiber, but same great taste choice, Timothy High Fiber, in the yellow bag will give them all they need also.  

Alffy Alfalfa, in the green bag, is a great choice for growing and breeding rabbits; it has more of what they need during these high energy growth times.  


Our final choice is sweet Mountain Grass (also named orchard grass)  in the purple bag.  It is a good choice for those who are alergic to timothy or just want another choice similar to it in nutrition for their small pet.

Whatever it is you choose to be best for your pet make sure to consider quality and choose American Pet products.  Where the hay is gathered the peak of freshness, after being raised with care by our family farmers that we know on a first name basis.  Then packaged with care and sent to you fresh, sweet and green.  You can be sure of quality with us, wherever you find us; we guarantee it!

Published by Heidi Casdorph on Thursday, March 20, 2014 in Latest News