Flectabed Q (self heating pet bed)

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Flectabed Q is a central heated bed with no need for electricity. Flectabed Q was developed from NASA research into aluminised surfaces, which can reflect up to 95% of radiated heat. It uses a revolutionary lightweight insulating material specifically designed for its thermal properties.

The Flectabed Q Quilted Heat Reflective Thermal Bed  is non electric warm thermal bedding for your pet with a super soft quilted exterior.

Made with a unique revolutionary lightweight material containing the two key elements of insulation:

Reflective Surface - which reflects body heat back at your pet, keeping it warm, achieved through added Flectalon within the inner quilt;
Trapping Air - using the multi-layered fibres to trap air within the fabric, which naturally warms the bedding.


Quilted bed of 4 sizes and 2 colors : Brown or Creme

Machine washable for easy cleaning; Detachable covers.
Keeps pet warm without electricity. Can be used inside and outside. Flectabed Q Quilted Heat Reflective Thermal Bed by Petlife is particularly suitable for pets who suffer from arthritis, young and ill pets or just those that enjoy the extra warmth provided.

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