The Real Bale

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                                                        AMERICAN PET DINER™   REAL BALE

Looks like a real bale of hay; just small pet size!  Size is 6 x 10 x4 inches.  Formed from our own Timothy grass hay and made in this fun shape ready for your small pet! 

Benefits of Feeding American Pet Diner Premium Hay Daily: 

  • Increases digestive motility to make available best use of nutrients in their gut
  • Helps produce firm droppings and reduce chance of diarrhea
  • Helps digest other foods for better utilization
  • Helps reduce pet boredom by giving them something to do
  • Balances the diet and helps control calcium and calorie intake
  • Helps remove hairballs in grooming animals.
Ingredients: 100% Timothy Grass Hay naturally grown and sun cured.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein not greater than 13%
Crude Fat not greater than 1.5%
Crude Fiber not less than 30%
Moisture not greater than 12%
Instructions: Feed as you would American Pet Timothy Gold Hay; free choice(always available) daily.  This is not a complete diet; feed with one of our  American Pet Diner Complete Pellets. Always supply fresh clean water. Offer only nutritious treats.

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