Lisa Marshall

President and Chief Executive Officer

Began American Pet Diner in 1996 from an idea to offer higher quality timothy hay products to the marketplace. Has experience in the pet food industry as well as marketing, sales, management and insurance for 30 years.

Reese Marshall

Operations Manager

Completes company operations with his knowledge in plant design; equipment design & fabrication; technical specifications; producing and manufacturing raw goods such as hay and other inputs.

Tina Wilson

General Manager and Logistics

Has been with the company since 2001, knows all aspects of the company operations. She has excelled in taking the lead in all aspects of the business, from production, logistics, as well as the office operations.

Tina "T" Marsing

Sales and Marketing Director

Just started with American Pet in 2015. She has been is sales and marketing for the past 25 years.  She brings a fresh approach to putting American Pet products in the hands of the consumers.