Green Dreamzzz 22 and 44 Liter

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Healthy ~ Eco-Friendly ~ Safe ~ Economical

Green Dreamzzz pet bedding gives you all you need in bedding for your small pet; premium paper bedding that's comfortable, healthy, safe, effective, fun and at a great value.  Green Dreamzzz is made from recycled paper from unused phone books, it is green certified and is the ultimate in eco-friendly bedding. The colors are from edible vegetable inks. It is one of the safest small pet beddings on the market at 99% dust-free. It absorbs more than 3x its weight in moisture, keeping pets warm and comfortable while absorbing the odors too.


  • ·         Environmentally Smart
  • ·         Made from 100 % recycled paper
  • ·         Biodegradable
  • ·         Safe and Healthy for Your Pets and You
  • ·         Habitat stays clean and dry
  • ·         99.9% dust free
  • ·         Non-toxic made from vegetable inks
  • ·         Perfectly warm and comfortable for nesting, burrowing and playing
  • ·         Great Value and Easy to Use
  • ·         Long lasting expands to 3 times its compressed volume
  • ·         Superior Absorbency &Odor Control absorbs 3x its weight in wet matter
  • ·         Reduces Odor by absorbing moisture allowing it to be removed easily


Great for Rabbits, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Rats, Mice, Ferrets, Prairie Dogs, birds and burrowing reptiles 

100% Unused Recycled paper--phone book trimmings printed with vegetable inks; no chemicals, dust or heavy processing.
General Directions for use: Completely change bedding once a week. Use a safe soap or disinfectant and water to clean the cage. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after handling used bedding. When this bedding is new to your pet take care to avoid ingestion (yes non-toxic ,but paper is not good for anyone to eat, right?) Small Mammals: (rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets and other small pets) Lay 2 to 4 inches of Green Dreamzzz on the bottom of the living area and/or litter area. Change the bedding completely, weekly & remove wet spots and other bathroom usage throughout the week (daily if possible.) Replace the bedding with 2-4 inches of fresh bedding from the bag Reptiles:(not for grazing reptiles) Place around the habitat, a light layer should be all that is needed (about 2 inches). If your pet eats live animals, it may be best to feed elsewhere to avoid ingestion. Change as described above. Birds: Spread along the bottom of the cage, change as necessary as described above.

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    Can't believe how absorbant this litter is, & how little you need to use - & how cheap it is, too! Amazing!

    Rascal Bunny in AZ

    Posted by Customer on 02/24/2015