GOLD Timothy Hay

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                                             AMERICAN PET™ GOLD TIMOTHY HAY

                                                               Premium & Pure ~ Green & Sweet ~ Naturally Farm Fresh ~  Essential Dietary Fiber

Our number one selling product because it is quality, smells delicious and pet just love it!!!    Hay is a critical component to all small pets’ diets.  Small pets require more than 80% of their daily intake from hay. . Buyers from all over the world source their hays from American Pet Diner because they are world renowned for quality, nutrition and palatability.

Current hay crop is green, sweet and a little more coarse than normal.

Why our Timothy Hay is Best!:

  • Pure, sweet, nutritious and natural
  • Essential fiber for an optimal healthy digestive system
  • Supports necessary dental wear.
  • Beautifully green and highly palatable,
  • Our best seller! 


Gold Timothy Hay              High Fiber Timothy Hay 

Mountain Grass Hay               Alffy Alfalfa Hay


Ingredients: 100% Timothy Grass hay. Naturally grown and sun cured.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein not less than 13%
Crude Fat not less than 1.5%
Crude Fiber not more than 30%
Moisture not more than 12%
Pure, sweet, nutritious and natural, this hay is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, prairie dogs, and other hay eating animals.

Feeding Instructions: Feed American Pet Timothy Gold Hay free choice(always available) daily.  This is not a complete diet; feed with one of our  American Pet Diner Complete Pellets. Always supply fresh clean water. Offer only nutritious treats like our delicious smaks.

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    Love the hay!

    My rabbit loves eating American Pet Diner hay!

    Posted by Customer on 10/28/2013

  • 5

    Timothy Gold Blue

    By far the best soft fresh texture that my bunnies love. They stopped eating the Vistakraft orchid grass and utilize only as litter filling but they love the Timothy Gold. It's rich in fiber and is soft and fresh.

    Posted by Customer on 03/30/2014

  • 5

    The Best of the Best

    My bunny won't eat anything else!

    Posted by Customer on 05/12/2014

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    The Las Vegas House Rabbit Society Uses APD Timothy Gold Hay exclusively!

    The freshest, cleanest and yummiest hay! We have rescued many bunnies over the years. We rely on APD's safe and yummy hays to keep more than 12 sanctuary bunnies in good digestive health and keep their teeth working to avoid dental issues:)

    Posted by Customer on 10/02/2014

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    Princess & Bobby Sox Pet Sitting

    I have been buying American Pet Diner Hay for 10 years for my rabbit household. Bobbysox had intestinal issues and was constantly being treated for bowel obstructions since he was a young bunny. The vet told me to always give good quality timothy, unlimited amounts, for his continued survival. He loved the gold hay, high fiber hay and digestive health pellet. The bowel obstructions were minimal since changing his diet to American Pet Diner. All my rabbits get Gold Hay and high fiber hay from APD as it is the best quality hay and my rabbits deserve the best.

    Posted by Customer on 10/08/2015

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    Our Favorite

    This is my bunnies FAVORITE hay! She loves this cut of American Pet Diner's hay and loves American Pet Diner period. There's something about it that the bunnies prefer over other hays and hay companies. Bella is my 3rd bunny and it was the same for my other two.

    Posted by Customer on 05/16/2016

  • 5


    My bunnies have been eating this hay for many many years! I can't recommend it enough..........on their behalf of course.

    Posted by Customer on 04/06/2017